Weather Wins Yet Again As First Day Abandoned

Day 1 of the world test championship final, branded ‘The Ultimate Test’, has come to an end in Southampton.

The ‘Ultimate Test’?  Not overcoming the challenges of cricket at the highest level as we all expected. Rather it is how long can they keep the boredom away.

It was a compelling day, with outstanding batting, with no wickets being lost,  and bowling, with no runs being scored throughout the entire day.

That's obviously a joke, but we have had to keep ourselves occupied somehow…

In all seriousness, however,  by just before 15:00 and without a ball being bowled, the umpires had seen enough, and proceeded to abandon play for the day. A frustrating, if not understandable, development for all involved.

Thankfully, the ICC had planned for such an eventuality, with there being a 6th day available to make up any missed time.

We're hardened to this situation, though. So we'll keep on keeping on, and be back for tomorrow morning, hoping to see the start of what promises to be a game that will go down in history. 


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