Racism in English Cricket: Survey To Understand Its Prevalence

In light of the ongoing events concerning Yorkshire CCC and upheld allegations of racism, Just The Cricket is aiming to understand the prevalence of racism in English cricket, whilst also giving those who have been subject to racism a chance to voice their experiences should they wish to do so.


A short, completely anonymous survey has been created where people in the cricket world can register their experiences if they would like to do so.


We intend to pass the results on to the relevant cricket authorities, so that we can provide concrete evidence of the prevalence of racism in English cricket, so please fill it in if this applies to you, and pass this on to your clubs/cricket networks so we can get a fuller picture of the situation of racism in English cricket.


You can access the survey here: https://forms.gle/zhm5w9D38KYVAqk89


Let's try and make a difference!


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