Ollie Robinson’s Discriminatory Tweets Unearthed

Ollie Robinson tweeted discriminatory content when he was 18, it has emerged.

Around that time, Robinson was fired from Yorkshire County Cricket Club for displaying unprofessional behaviour.

After making his test debut this morning, in which the entire England team wore anti-discrimination t-shirts before the start of play, this will surely overshadow the promising start he has made to his international test career.

The Players Lined Up Wearing T-Shirts Saying ‘Cricket Is A Game For Everyone’.

One, from 2012, read: 'My new muslim friend is the bomb #wheeyyyyy'.

One of the Tweets in Question (source:: https://tinyurl.com/ptnv534u)

Following the close of play on the first day of the first test against New Zealand, Robinson read out a pre-prepared statement.


"I am embarrassed by the racist and sexist tweets that I posted over eight years ago, which have today become public," said Robinson. "I am sorry, and I have certainly learned my lesson today."

He went on to say:

"I deeply regret my actions, and I am ashamed of making such remarks."

It begs the question how the England Cricket Board did not vet Ollie Robinson before he made his debut, or if they did, why such discriminatory rhetoric was not spotted.

The ECB said it will begin a full investigation as part of the disciplinary process.


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