‘Offensive’ Social Media Post From Another England Player Revealed

Here we go again.

A second England player has posted ‘offensive material’ online, as reported by Wisden.

After Ollie Robinson's tweeting history and consequent suspension, Wisden has 'obscured' the identity of the player, who was not an adult at the time of posting.

These reports are currently being investigated by the England and Wales Cricket Board.

After debate around whether Robinson's suspension was just, or if it was indeed ‘over the top’ as reiterated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, adding another piece into this already complex puzzle will do no favours for the ECB.

The questions remain: Who made these tweets? What did these tweets say?

If the content is indeed discriminatory, one can expect the player in question to also to be suspended, and add yet another blemish to the reputation of the ECB.


Disclaimer: The Photo of Trent Bridge has no relation to the person in question. Their identity is still unknown


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