Further Tweets Revealed as England Cricket Board Promises Action

It is no secret that it has been a tumultuous week for the England Cricket Board.

First Ollie Robinson's tweets were revealed. Next, reports swirled that another, up until now anonymous player made another discriminatory post when they were 15. Now, three english beacons of the international cricket scene are embroiled in this.

Tweets by white ball captain Eoin Morgan, all time leading wicket taker James Anderson and international susperstar Jos Buttler were highlighted as “offensive material” by the England Cricket Board.

An ECB spokesperson said the following:

""There is no place for discrimination in our sport, and we are committed to taking relevant and appropriate action where required."

"Given the concerns which have been raised are clearly now broader than a single case, the ECB board will discuss how we deal with issues over historical social media material in a timely and appropriate manner. Each case will be considered on an individual basis, looking at all the facts."

Jos Buttler's tweets appear to show him  mocking Indian English. An example is below:

This is yet another seismic turn of events for the ECB.

They cannot come down lightly on this, despite pressure from Boris Johnson, given the pressing reality that discrimination of all forms has a negative impact for those that are targeted, and the world of cricket is no exception.

However, the question remains, at what point do you accept people can rehabilitate, learn, and repent?

The balance must be struck by the ECB, and this is only becoming more difficult as more big names get involved.


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